Abuse Lawyer for Dr. Bradford Ferrick Alleged Victims and The Survivors of Childhood Sexual Exploitation

Most of us have seen the multitude of news articles concerning the horrific charges pending against Baystate pediatrician, Bradford Ferrick. On March 14, 2023, Dr. Bradford Ferrick was charged in Boston Federal Court after an investigation led to the discovery of over eighty (80) devices containing child sexual abuse material (“CSAM”).

Investigators believe Dr. Bradford Ferrick wore a bracelet, which contained a hidden camera, while seeing at least two patients in August of 2022, and that he would secretly record the medical exams. It is still unclear as to the nature and content of the other materials found in his possession. It is also unknown if there was anything improper about the physical exams themselves.

As child abuse lawyers, we stand ready to demand justice for those who have been victimized by physicians and other professionals who commonly come into contact with children.

What Constitutes Child Sexual Abuse Material (“CSAM”)?

CSAM is images and documents which depict the sexual abuse and exploitation of children. Studies have also shown that the majority of those individuals who possess and distribute CSAM also commit hands-on sexual offenses against children.[1] Pre-pubescent children, like those examined by Dr. Bradford Ferrick, are at the greatest risk of being depicted in CSAM.[2] The images are often shared over the internet, re-victimizing survivors every time their image is viewed.

How Are Child Sexual Abuse Survivors Impacted?

Just like other forms of abuse, there are long-lasting ramifications for survivors of CSAM. Survivors often experience feelings of guilt, shame, and blame for not stopping the abuse. They also can experience difficulty with intimacy and relationships, and struggle to set boundaries in relationships.

Additionally, survivors may struggle with low self-esteem, which often spills over into other areas of their life, including relationships, careers, and overall health. The lack of control over the ongoing sharing of their abuse images is sometime the most difficult aspect of the abuse for survivors to overcome.[3]

One study found that survivors were worried people would think that they were willing participants or that it was their fault. They were also worried that people they know would see their images, or that people on the street would recognize them.[4]

What Should You Do if You Believe Your Child May Have Been Victimized by Dr. Bradford Ferrick?

If you believe your child may have been victimized by Dr. Bradford Ferrick, please contact Alekman DiTusa to discuss your rights.  We offer a free consultation and case evaluation, and we represent sexual abuse and exploitation victims on a contingency fee basis.  This means that there is no fee for our services unless compensation is obtained.

We understand childhood trauma. As part of our representation, we work to safeguard the privacy of children whom we represent to the maximum extent possible, and also to minimize their involvement while we pursue justice on their behalf.

We also recommend reaching out to the United States Attorneys’ Office which is continuing to investigate. The USAO can be reached via email,, or via a hotline at 617-748-3274

If you, or your child, are a survivor of CSAM, please reach out to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at, or RAINN at


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