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Premises Liability Lawyer for Slip and Fall and Property Accident Injuries

Serving the residents of Springfield and the surrounding communities, including Greenfield, Chicopee, Wilbraham, Northampton, Holyoke, Ludlow, Agawam, Westfield, and throughout Massachusetts. 

Have you been injured in a fall down accident in a store, a slip on an icy sidewalk or parking lot, or a fall as the result of uneven flooring or a broken staircase?  If so, we would invite you to call us at (413) 781-0000 to learn about your options for seeking a recovery against property owners and others who may be liable for your injuries and damages.

Success Stories

$325,000 Personal Injury Settlement

A 57 year old woman tripped and fell down a defective stairway at work, striking her head. Immediate investigation discovered that the fall was caused by a worn vinyl stair covering. Client sustained mild traumatic brain injury.

Common Property Injuries

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people are injured on the property of others as the result of the failure of a store or property owner or lessee to make their property safe.  In some cases, people are injured in falls due to a lack of railings (or broken railings), broken or poorly maintained stairs, uneven flooring or sidewalks that are trip hazards, and flooring that is often wet or slippery (sometimes as the result of a recent mopping, waxing, or product spill).

Additionally, each winter, countless people are injured through slips and falls from snow and ice in parking lots and sidewalks.  Slips due to snow and ice are particularly dangerous, as victims often sustain broken bones, severe back and neck injuries, and head trauma (including traumatic brain injury), resulting in numerous deaths each year.  For those who are seniors, slips and falls can be catastrophic and life-changing, as broken bones and brain injuries may lead to the need for a nursing home, as well as a significant downward decline in health.

We are there to help when premises liability cases result in injury or death.

What Exactly are Premises Liability Cases?

At law, the types of cases note above are referred to as “premises liability” cases.  Premises liability cases include not only slips and falls, but a variety of other injuries, ranging from dog bites to drownings to sexual assaults.

The one thing that premises liability cases having in common is that they occur because a property owner failed make their property safe.  When people are injured as the result of unsafe property conditions, they deserve full and fair compensation for all resulting injuries and damages.

If you were hurt while on someone else’s property as the result of their failure to maintain their property in a safe condition, as Springfield premises liability lawyers, we can help you seek compensation for your injuries  from homeowners, landlords, property owners, building owners, property management companies, or landowners.  There is no fee for our services unless we are successful in securing compensation, and we also advance all litigation expenses (if a trial is necessary), so that you do not have to worry about upfront fees.

Call our office today to schedule a FREE consultation.  We give every case the attention and resources it needs to provide you with the best chances at recovering full compensation.

Common Commercial Property Injuries

Injuries on commercial property are not uncommon.  Frequent injuries include those resulting from:

  • Slips and falls.  These may be due to wet surfaces, uneven flooring conditions, overly-waxed floors or many other conditions.  In the winter, slips and falls often occur when property owners and lessees fail to properly clear sidewalks and parking lots of snow and ice.
  • Falling objects from store shelving.  In many stores – especially “big box” and factory outlet stores – inventory may be stacked to the ceiling.  Not only does this present a dangerous condition if a consumer attempts to grab an item and other merchandise falls, consumers are often harmed in nearby aisles when staff use forklifts and other machinery to move products that are placed highly on shelves, causing products and boxes to fall.
  • Dog and animal bites.  Property owners are liable if their dogs or other animals bite or otherwise cause harm, except in limited circumstances (such as if an adult is trespassing on their property).  For more information, please see our page on dog bites.
  • Inadequate Maintenance.   Premises liability injuries often stem from improperly maintained properties.  Holes in flooring, exposed wires, lack of inspections, broken railings, rotted decks, and other unsafe conditions can easily cause catastrophic injuries.
  • Drownings and near-drownings.  Child and adolescent drownings unfortunately are too prevalent.  Property owners must utilize protective fencing to prevent or minimize drownings.  Unfortunately, drownings and near-drownings can occur at swimming pools in neighborhood homes, apartment complexes, recreational facilities, and hotels and motels as the result of inadequate supervision or poor security.
  • Physical and sexual assault.  Physical and sexual assault can occur in parking lots and parking garages, in addition to commercial, retail, and business office buildings, office parks, and other establishments.

In the past, many paints and building products contained lead, which subsequently was found to be dangerous to human health.  The government highly regulates the presence of lead, and landlords with properties over a certain age are responsible for tenant exposure.

These are only a partial list of conditions which may give rise to a premises liability lawsuit.  If you have been injured on the property of someone else – regardless of whether it is the property of a family member, neighbor, store, business, hotel, or someone else – please call us to schedule a free consultation.   

How Can a Massachusetts Property Liability Attorney Help Me?

At Alekman DiTusa, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you through the process of:

  • Working with your doctor to recover your physical wellbeing
  • Obtaining necessary medical records
  • Communicating between you, your doctor, and insurers
  • Negotiation for settlement or preparing for trial
  • Obtaining the compensation to which you are entitled

From filing an insurance claim to aggressively litigating in court for full damages, we will work tenaciously in seeking full compensation.

How Do I Know If My Landlord or a Building Owner Is Liable for My Injuries?

In Massachusetts, the liability of a landlord or building owner will depend upon the facts and circumstances leading to the injury.  For this reason, we would urge you to call us for a free consultation so that we can learn about the facts and circumstances of your case.  Once we know these details, we can explain about whether we believe that the landlord or building owner may be legally liable.

What Do I Have to Prove to Win a Premises Liability Case?

To prevail in a premises liability case, a victim typically must prove:

  • The property condition posed a reasonable risk of harm;
  • The property owner or landlord knew about the dangerous condition (or should have been aware of the danger); and
  • The owner’s negligent actions (or their failure to take action) caused the injuries.

Because it can be challenging to prove these elements, it is always advisable to secure a highly experienced premises liability attorney to handle these types of claims.

At Alekman DiTusa, we have decades of experience in successfully litigating injury matters, including those involving unsafe properties and slip-and-fall injuries, and have secured millions of dollars for injured victims.  When we represent clients, we conduct thorough investigations, which often entails visiting accident sites, procuring safety camera footage, reviewing medical records, interviewing property owners and witnesses, and retaining experts.  This ensures that we put forward the best case for the most compensation possible.

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If you suspect that your injury resulted from an unreasonably unsafe condition at a business or other property, we encourage you to call our office to schedule a free consultation.  We have handled countless injury and wrongful death cases, and understand how to build a solid case for full and fair compensation.  Let us help you pursue the compensation you deserve!

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